Chipotle Revisited

This morning at 7:30 a.m. Ryan became the proud owner of 5 shares of Chipotle.  I have to admire him for waiting this one out as he was pretty intent on buying even more shares way back in August at a higher cost.  And as you may recall, after the Schwab financial advisor showed him what rating Schwab had given his favorite restaurant, he backed out.

But then last Friday happened.  And no doubt the past few months helped.  But specifically, last Friday we received a newsletter from The Motley Fool.  In the newsletter, they recommended several good stock picks along with their reasons.  And lo and behold, Chipotle was one of them!

I couldn’t wait for Ryan to get home from school and show him the newsletter.  His little eyes lit up.  Maybe now was the time.  But, even The Motley Fool can be wrong.  So we did a little more research and found an article that felt that this was not a good time to invest in the restaurant.  Ryan is adding to his financial vocabulary with words like ‘price to earnings ratio’ and after a while his eyes started to lose their luster.

In the end, he decided to spend half of the money he had saved for this purchase and go with 5 shares of the company.  So this morning, we hit the ‘Buy’ button and at $47.99/share, he owned a small sliver of ticker symbol CMG.

For lunch, he wants Chinese.  Go figure.