Dress Swap

I got a phone call from Nathan and Ryan’s high school yesterday.  It was on the automated system they implemented several years ago as a way to keep parents informed about school happenings.  And I love it.  Believe it or not, I don’t often find out what’s going on at school through the boys!

I was prepared to hear about the upcoming football game or PSAT testing dates but was pleasantly surprised, instead, to find out about the First Annual Dress Swap.  What a great idea! 

Homecoming Dance is coming in three weeks.  It’s a much bigger deal than when I remember being in high school.  Seeing all the dolled up girls at last year’s dance made me a little thankful that, having boys, a new shirt and maybe tie was all I needed to worry about.  Those dresses can get pretty pricey.

So here’s the gist of the Swap: girls donate their slightly used semi-formal dresses to the Swap.  In return, they receive free entry to the first thirty minutes where they will have pick of the dresses.  The dresses will only cost them $10.  Those girls who don’t donate can buy a ticket and then buy a dress for $15.

Being someone who loves a great deal, I love this idea.  But I’m not a female teenager about to go to one of the biggest dances of the year.  Are they worried that they may end up wearing so-and-so’s dress and not even know it?  Does that matter to teenage girls?  And is this group of girls used to wearing hand-me-downs?  I’m not so sure about that.

 I’d like to know who’s been paying for their dresses so far.  It’s an important question.  Because if the answer is the parent, there may be less of a chance that a teenage girl will make use of the swap.  When kids have to pay for these extras themselves, the idea of a swap is much more palatable.

Here’s hoping the swap is a great success.  It would be disappointing for this to be the First and Last Annual Dress Swap.

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