Enjoy the Ride

I had the pleasure of sitting in the passenger seat while Nathan drove me and Ryan into Sacramento.   We were headed for a tour of the Capitol as something to do while John’s parents were visiting.  Since we sold the Suburban last year, taking two cars has come up a number of times.

I noticed how smoothly Nathan accelerated each time the light turned green.  So smooth I had to look out the window to make sure we were actually moving.  I wondered if he was doing that because mom was sitting next to him.

“Notice how I don’t peel out when the light turns green?” he asked.  “That’s because the car uses less gas that way.” 

And there you have it.  It had nothing to do with impressing me with his new driving skills.  It had to do with saving money.  Money he is responsible for.

“Of course,” he admitted, “Sometimes it’s nice to take off a little faster.  Like if I’m at school.” 

I smiled to myself as I thought of him “peeling” out of the school parking lot in an attempt to impress whoever was around.  I’m pretty confident he doesn’t burn rubber.  Nathan is a safe driver.  Besides, Ryan is always with him and he would tell me.

It never ceases to amaze me that when kids are in charge of their spending, they often make the right choices.  And when it comes to one particular teenage boy and his car, as a mom, that’s a relief.

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