Just like teaching kids how to say and use the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ we need to teach kids about money.  And believe it or not, it needs to happen right along side ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

To help parents with this awesome responsibility my husband and I designed KidsSave, a kids’ savings and money management software program.  With parental support in the beginning and then on their own in the teen years, KidsSave teaches kids how to manage their money.  Parents can set up Accounts with automatic allowance, interest, and/or matching funds.  Kids track their income and expenses, play around with future Account values, learn to recognize, add, and subtract money, and set personal financial goals.

I also recently published my first book, Raised for Richness: Teaching Kids Money Skills for Life. It’s a parent guide to teaching kids about money and won the 2010 National Parenting Publications Award in the parenting resources category. For more information on the book, feel free to watch this short video I put together:

Raised for Richness “trailer”

In addition, I work with elementary and middle school kids introducing them to the world of money management through hands-on projects.  This blog is about them.  It’s also about all the teachable moments that, if we’re paying attention, can help us prepare our kids for their eventual financial futures.

Happy Saving!

Karyn Hodgens

co-founder, Kidnexions

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